24 JAN 2024

Empowering the UK

With an emblematic event in London, MYTILINEOS Energy & Metals celebrated the 10th year milestone of active and ongoing operation in the UK. The event was attended by key representatives of the business community, financial stakeholders, and a large number of MYTILINEOS trusted partners.

MYTILINEOS global strategy has been steadily expanding, now counting active presence across 40 countries.  

During this 10-year span, MYTILINEOS achieved to be positioned as a leading energy company across various trusted business partners. Today, MYTILINEOS is working closely with companies such LightSource BP, GE Vernova, Gresham House, Vodafone, Centrica and Quinbrook as well as state organizations such as National Grid and Scottish Power, as an integrated developer.

The occasion for the event, coincided with the signing of the £1 billion contract for the first subsea interconnection on the UK east coast, in a joint venture with GE Vernova, highlighting MYTILINEOS' strategic focus on network development, a critical aspect for the successful energy transition. This interconnection, now known as Eastern Green Link 1 (EGL1), is a key part of the new network infrastructure to support the UK's decarbonization efforts.

With 82 projects already under its portfolio, a total contract value of €2.5bn. in the UK alone, MYTILINEOS marks its 10th anniversary with its new premises in the center of London, aspiring to become a great starting point for its future growth and projects it will add to its portfolio.   

Regarding the renewable energy segment, MYTILINEOS has a portfolio of solar projects with a capacity of 1.25 GW, with the Cleve Hill project standing out as the largest licensed solar park in the country, at 373 MW. An additional 650 MW of owned assets are currently in various stages of development and implementation. In the energy storage segment, the company is considered a leader in the country with a significant number of projects of 1.1 GWh, representing around 30% of the UK market.

Relying on the extensive international experience and know-how, MYTILINEOS undertakes complex and demanding energy projects, supporting UK's efforts for a successful energy transition. In addition to major RES and storage projects, the company is currently constructing 4 gas-fired open-cycle power generation units (3 OCGTs for Drax and 1 OCGT for Vitol, 299 MW each). Furthermore, MYTILINEOS is responsible for the supply and installation of a Modern Capacitor, for RWE Generation UK, one of the UK's leading electricity companies, part of the National Grid Stability Pathfinder Program for England and Wales.

At the same time, MYTILINEOS is building a modern waste-to-energy plant in Protos, a strong proof point of the company's ability to undertake complex projects of high technical demands, even in the most advanced and competitive markets, such as the UK.

Completing this milestone, MYTILINEOS continues to set high goals, remaining focused on the continuous growth and development of its business plans, to create value for all its stakeholders, as well as society as a whole.

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