06 JUL 2022

Evangelos Mytilineos and Francis Fukuyama shared their thoughts, at the Economist conference, concerning geopolitics, the energy market and the world economy.

The leading political scientist and professor at Stanford University Francis Fukuyama had on Tuesday July 5 a high-level discussion with the Chairman and CEO of MYTILINEOS Ev. Mytilinaios at the Economist conference. Predictably, the discussion, moderated by the Economist's diplomatic editor Daniel Franklin, revolved around the effects of the war in Ukraine. “This war is not about Ukraine or NATO expansion. It concerns the European order that was created after the fall of the Berlin Wall," emphasized Mr. Fukuyama.

Mr. Mytilineos focused more on the energy crisis in Europe, stressing that in Greece we are not going to face a problem of energy sufficiency. However, he pointed out that security of supply has not been a priority for Europe for years, with the result that today it is threatened by both decreasing flows and rising prices.

In this interesting discussion that you can watch at the following link, Mr. Mytilineos noted that Europe has pushed for sustainability and green transition policies without assessing whether European economies and societies can sustain them, with recession and inflation currently threatening the European family.

Regarding MYTILINEOS, he said that the company has planned and booked the necessary quantities of LNG needed for 2023 and added that natural gas is also supplied through the TAP pipeline. He warned, however, that fuel prices will remain high until international supplies of liquefied natural gas increase, which could happen in 2-3 years.

In addition, the company also invests in both green energy and its storage.

Last but not least, he assured that Europe as well as Greece and Greek companies will be there to help rebuild Ukraine.

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