21 MAR 2024

MYTILINEOS and local community safeguard archaeological heritage in Ovalle, Chile

The initiative, which is part of the development of the Doña Antonia solar park, involved creating a trail and installing signage to improve access to an archaeological site dating back to 1 AD

Alongside representatives of the regional government and neighboring communities, MYTILINEOS Energy & Metals, developing the Doña Antonia solar project, and the La Verdiona Agricultural Community presented a project to safeguard the archaeological heritage 'Panulcillo II' in the commune of Ovalle, in Chile.

The initiative aims to highlight the heritage value of the archaeological remains located in the La Verdiona Agricultural Community, through the implementation of informative signs, the development of a pedestrian circuit, and, in a second stage, the implementation of two rest areas with sustainable benches and trash bins.

At MYTILINEOS, we seek to contribute to the development of the communities surrounding our projects. We have been present in the commune of Ovalle since 2022 with our Doña Antonia project, and as a result of collaborative work with the La Verdiona Agricultural Community, we want to safeguard the heritage richness of the Coquimbo region," explained MYTILINEOS' LATAM Country Manager, Juan Pablo Toledo. He added, "It is a privilege to be able to visit this historical site dating back to 1 AD, which confirms the contact of these ancestral communities with the Spaniards during the Conquest era.

During the event, which was attended by the Regional Secretary of Economy, Development, and Tourism, Pía Castillo, and the Regional Secretary of Energy, María Castillo, as well as the mayor of the Municipality of Ovalle, Jonathan Acuña, and the director of the Limarí Museum, Marco Sandoval, it was announced that the heritage conservation plan includes, in a second stage, the development of benches, trash bins, and more signs using sustainable materials, recycling 1,200 kilos of plastic.

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