05 MAR 2024

MYTILINEOS empowers the Libyan grid with additional 171MW

MYTILINEOS has successfully completed the first fire and commissioning of the 2nd gas turbine of Tobruk Project, powering the Libyan grid with another 171MW.

When completed, the Tobruk power plant will be able to provide more than 740MW. The first turbine was erected in August 2021 and commissioned by the end of the year, boosting the country's energy system with approx. 160 MW. The third turbine is expected to be operational at the end of March and the last at the end of May 2024.

MYTILINEOS has undertaken the engineering, procurement, and construction of the 740 MW simple cycle power generation plant in Tobruk with dual fuel capability (natural gas or liquid fuel). The scope of the project includes the supply and installation of 2 General Electric GT13E2 gas turbines and 2 Ansaldo AE94.2 gas turbines in an open cycle configuration, as well as all the relevant auxiliary equipment. It is noted that the efficiency of the turbine in open cycle configuration can exceed 38%.

MYTILINEOS signed recently and is also proceeding with the additional works for the operation of the Power Plant, including the construction of LFO Tanks, a Fuel Oil Treatment Plant, a 220kV Gas Insulated Switchgear (GIS) and the relevant Gas Turbine Buildings, under a 24-month schedule.

This project holds great importance not just for Libya's electricity provision but also for enhancing its energy self-sufficiency, overall reconstruction initiatives, and the daily lives of its citizens.

In recent years, Libya has grappled with substantial power supply issues, characterized by prolonged blackouts that pose a significant hindrance to the nation's economic advancement, energy security, and the well-being of its people.

The establishment of this power plant will promptly fortify the country's energy infrastructure, making it a pivotal undertaking for Libya's revitalization.

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