13 FEB 2024

MYTILINEOS implements reforestation initiatives

MYTILINEOS, true to its commitment to the protection of the environment, in all areas where it operates, is constantly seeking ways of constructive intervention, especially in cases where serious problems exist.

The company’s commitment to the local community lies at the core of its business activity, the core of its existence, reflecting its role as a responsible corporate citizen. It is thus committed not only to supporting projects and initiatives that strengthen the community, but also to contributing to the creation of long-term value. After all, the well-being of local communities as a whole is created through the active participation and the implementation of sustainable practices.

Reforestation, as an initiative, is in line with the fulfillment of the ESG goals set by MYTILINEOS to enhance sustainability and create value not only for the company, but also for the communities and the environment surrounding it. The fulfillment of ESG goals can contribute to the mitigation of ecological impact, the protection of biodiversity, but it can also positively affect society. 

Therefore, Aluminium of Greece, integral part of the Metals Sector of MYTILINEOS and a pillar of economic stability in the wider region, undertakes reforestation initiatives, in the context of its contractual obligations, with a sense of responsibility, especially nowadays that climate change impact is becoming more noticeable.

In particular, on the occasion of its contractual obligations, and in cooperation with the region of Central Greece, the Municipality of Distomo – Arachova – Antikira and the Forestry Service of Livadia, it proceeds to reforestation of an area covering a surface of 11.402,27m2 at the location “Agios Nikolaos”, an area that was affected by fire blazes in the summer of 2022; in this way, it aims to strengthen the work by the competent authorities in environmental protection and at the same time to ensure its sustainability.

For the project, a Plant-based Reforestation Study was conducted, and its purpose is the natural regeneration of existing species and the artificial installation of selected species adapted to local ecological conditions.

Upon completion of the project, the protection of the area from floods and other torrential phenomena will be upgraded, but also in the future from all kinds of risks, fires, floods, land clearing, etc.

In addition to reforestation, the project includes the care of plants for three years, which includes: a) removal of plants (weeding and digging) and b) watering of plants, while this study includes the placement of fencing for the protection of proposed plantings mainly from grazing.

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