15 DEC 2023

MYTILINEOS Inaugurates its First Owned Solar Project in Latin America

Together with the high-level representatives from the Chilean government and neighboring communities, MYTILINEOS Energy & Metals inaugurated the Willka solar park, the first solar project built, owned and operated by the Company in Latin America.

With a total investment of over US$110 million, the largest foreign capital investment in the region of Arica in the recent years, the project will contribute 109,2 MWp in DC of clean and renewable energy to the country, which is equivalent to powering more than 105,000 homes each year.

This is the first of four owned parks in the Company's 588 MW portfolio in Chile. The other three solar projects are Tocopilla in the María Elena, Tamarico in Vallenar and Doña Antonia in Ovalle. Through these, the Company will supply Enel Chile, with whom it signed a solar energy purchase agreement (PPA) for 1.1 TWh for 10 years.

The general manager for MYTILINEOS in Chile, Juan Pablo Toledo, pointed out that as a company they are committed to the development of Arica and through the Willka park they will deliver clean and renewable energy to the country. “We are a company that supports growth in every region we operate in, aspiring to establish a benchmark in innovation, development, and energy commercialization,” he said.

He added that “from the end of 2024 Willka will have energy storage batteries to guarantee a more stable and reliable supply.”

MYTILINEOS has a continually growing international RES portfolio in Europe, Asia, Africa, the Americas, and Oceania at various stages of development, with a capacity exceeding 13 GW globally. Additionally, the company has developed energy storage projects totaling over 400 MW in the United Kingdom and Puerto Rico.

From left to right:

  • Presidential Delegate, Ricardo Sanzana
  • Communities Representative, Dori Maita
  • Ambassador of Greece in Chile, EFSTATHIOS PAIZIS PARADELLIS
  • Energy Seremi, Anita Flores
  • Superintendent of Electricity and Fuel, Marta Cabezas
  • Mayor of the Illustrious Municipality of Arica, Ricardo Espindola
  • Country Manager LATAM, JUAN PABLO TOLEDO
  • Execution Chile, Giacomo Montecassiano
  • Project Director of Willka, Luis Espinoza
  • PMO Manager of Willka, Daniel Weiner
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