08 APR 2022

The "green" footprint for "smart" sustainable cities - MYTILINEOS brings the future closer

There are moments when brave steps need to be taken towards a single goal of creating a more sustainable future for our planet and humankind. This is why MYTILINEOS does not simply envisage but materializes energy transition to a friendlier and “greener” reality focusing on the modern day citizen and the society of the future.

 MYTILINEOS Smart Cities

MYTILINEOS Smart Cities will be a living organism in continuous evolution. It will be providing innovative services, applications, groundbreaking tools and products addressing cities, communities, settlements as well as big corporations seeking to create “smart” cities, aiming to make the citizens’ and inhabitants’ everyday life easier and sustainable

Using artificial intelligence and cutting-edge technologies, sustainable, “smart” societies with infinite possibilities to the benefit of citizens are created.  Citizen-friendly cities will be offering solutions, interacting at all levels, offering opportunities, reducing costs, respecting the environment, but above all, remaining human and sustainable.

A particularly ambitious and innovative project materialized under the highest quality standards of MYTILINEOS, encompassing, for the first time, the collaborative efforts of its Business Units: Metallurgy, Power & Gas, and Sustainable Engineering Solutions.

What is a “smart” city?

A “smart” city is a city living and breathing through its people, with its technological upgrading being at the same time a priority. An energy community with additional digital innovations aiming at improving quality of life, enhancing performance at all levels, optimizing resources exploitation and promoting  citizens’ active and productive involvement.

The “smart” city responds with a smart approach to the terms citizenship, governance and mobility. Through this city, the value of the community and its people comes to surface whereby the consumer is now a producer controlling its own consumption. The so-called “prosumers” will play a pivotal role being interconnected with the new energy market as important partners and associates through blockchain, coming naturally in contact with all “smart” city stakeholders.

Services and applications for the cities include:

  • Flexible energy management services
  • Smart water management
  • Smart waste management
  • High operability in public areas (appliances charging spots, Internet access through 4G / Wi-Fi, sound systems for citizens’ direct communication with public services, weather forecast information, access to lighting options)
  • Traffic management through smart applications
  • Exploitation of 5G and IoT potential
  • Central control systems providing direct information with a view to promptly resolving issues even through remote management.

Home services and applications will include:

  • «Smart» appliances such as batteries, inverters, photovoltaic panels
  • Electric vehicles charging stations
  • Ability for the inhabitants (“prosumers”) to monitor and control both produced and consumed energy

Therefore, using digital technologies, already existing structures and facilities will be constantly upgraded substantially interacting with citizens, with safety and credibility. At the same time the use of resources will be optimized while direct and indirect emissions will be reduced to the minimum.  

MYTILINEOS Smart Cities will employ additional concepts and services such as: Smart Energy Contracts, Smart Lighting, Connected public transport, Smart Parking, Public safety, Smart roads / Connected streetlights / Smart Traffic monitoring and management, Citizen/Tourist services entering the life of the citizens and rendering it easier. 

Furthermore, sustainability principles will play a major role in this net zero city. “Green” energy will be corresponding to total energy consumption, while citizens awareness of environmental and energy issues will be raised through continuous education and dissemination of information on issues of energy, water and the importance of technology

First step at Aspra Spitia on Distomo beach

The first project of MYTILINEOS Smart Cities services will take place in Aspra Spitia. Therefore, this model community being the “home” of Aluminium of Greece employees, will turn into the first “pilot” city aiming at a real and substantial improvement of the settlements inhabitants’ standards of living through a variety of cutting-edge technological solutions.

The overall transformation of the company and the importance of the Sustainable Engineering Solutions Business Unit.

 MYTILINEOS is once more leading the way. It doesn’t just follow developments but it is at the very forefront. It intensifies its efforts and creates constants as a point of reference towards a sustainable future for all, since the company recent holistic transformation has been focusing on sustainable development principles.

In this context, MYTILINEOS undertakes to bring the future to the cities making use of its unquestionable comparative advantage. Through its vast experience in infrastructure, projects and energy management, MYTILINEOS aims to materialize what once used to seem impossible.

A new world with immense possibilities opens up through artificial intelligence flexible applications and technologies.

The future is already here!

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