09 JAN 2024

The Piraeus Chamber of Commerce and Industry awarded Evangelos Mytilineos

The Chairman and CEO of MYTILINEOS, Ev. Mytilineos was awarded by the Piraeus Chamber of Commerce and Industry, in a special ceremony held on January 8, 2024.

During his speech, Mr. Mytilineos focused particularly on the transformation of the company, stating that "re-invention" is a quality characteristic and a component of success. "From a family business, MYTILINEOS is today a modern multinational company, with a presence in 40 countries and five continents and with approximately 5,500 employees. We have created a model of synergies within the company, harmoniously combining its industrial heritage, conventional energy operations, significant activity in renewable energy, metallurgy and innovative efforts in artificial intelligence.”

Speaking about the contribution of MYTILINEOS to the national economy and development, Mr. Mytilineos emphasized that the company currently produces 3% of the Greek GDP, with the aim of reaching 4% in 2024, while already 70% of sales are directed to international markets.

Referring to the status of CEO, he commented that there is no room for complacency: "A modern CEO must not rest, he must be constantly on the ramparts to be able to respond to a series of challenges such as: geopolitical uncertainty, ever-increasing regulatory frameworks and regulations , high inflation and interest rates, growing populism, but also in more complex problems such as e.g. cyber attacks.

Finally, he made a small historical review of MYTILINEOS, highlighting the company's special relationship with the city of Piraeus: "I am emotionally connected to Piraeus, as some of you may know, this is where my grandfather, Evangelos Mytilineos, started his business".

The Minister of Foreign Affairs Giorgos Gerapetritis was named an honorary member of the Piraeus Chamber of Commerce and Industry, while Harry Vafias, Dimitris Koustas, and the Enterprise Greece Organization were also awarded.

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