28 JUN 2023

Vital initiatives: Donation to the Livadia Fire Brigade and the 7th EMAK

The support of the fire brigade and of the forces responsible with dealing with natural disasters should be of paramount importance, especially in our country, which faces large fires every year. For MYTILINEOS, this is not just a task, but an investment in the safety and protection of society as a whole.

By returning value to the communities where it operates, but also by recognizing the contribution of law enforcement, the company chooses to play a vital role in providing material and financial resources, thus helping to respond effectively to emergencies.

Thus, as part of its strategy as a responsible corporate citizen and as a minimum recognition of the contribution and work carried out by the Livadia Fire Brigade and the 7th EMAK in the protection of society, MYTILINEOS, through its Metallurgy Sector and in particular the Aluminium of Greece, proceeded in 2023 with donations of rescue equipment with a total value of more than 14,000 euros.

Support for the fire service and initiatives taken by large companies are vital factors in ensuring public safety and responding effectively to emergencies. MYTILINEOS is committed to always supporting the efforts of the security forces, either through local donations depending on the needs expressed, or through key interventions when the country faces serious risks and difficulties, such as the response to the fires of 2021 with the provision of 4 firefighting helicopters or the rehabilitation of the affected areas in Evia and Attica.

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