29 MAY 2023

MYTILINEOS creates the Next Generation Energy Solutions Provider 100% acquisition of UNISON

Athens, Greece – 29 May 2023 – MYTILINEOS Energy & Metals (RIC: MYTr.AT, Bloomberg: MYTIL.GA, ADR: MYTHY US) (MYTILINEOS), following the corporate transformation and the consolidation of all its energy services into a unified Energy sector, is diligently progressing in the implementation of its strategy for its transformation into a cutting-edge utility provider (Next Generation Energy Solutions Provider). In this context, the Company announces the acquisition of the 100% of the share capital of UNISON Facility Services S.A. (UNISON), which will become a subsidiary, administratively within the Energy sector (“M Energy”) of MYTILINEOS, and in particular the M Energy Customer Solutions sector.

Currently, M Energy is the largest private vertically integrated provider of electricity and natural gas in Greece. In addition, its activity is evolving with the addition of services such as energy efficiency, “smart” energy saving, while it is now expanding into digital products, Internet of Things (IoT) device connectivity, as well as management, maintenance and energy upgrading of buildings and other types of facilities.

Internationally, the operating model of electricity and natural gas suppliers is changing. The provision of integrated solutions is of growing importance for consumers, in addressing their needs through a wide range of products and services, complementary to the supply of electricity and natural gas, while also combined with a personalized experience. The acquisition of UNISON, the largest Facility Management company, is accelerating the creation of a groundbreaking platform through which MYTILINEOS looks forward to becoming the long-term energy solutions & services partner of its customers.

This platform will offer a portfolio of products and services, centered around the supply of electricity and natural gas, expanding into new activities adjacent to the energy spectrum, as well as providing services and solutions that broaden the relationship with our customers and maximize the benefits. The aim is to strengthen and ensure the long-term cooperation with customers, focusing on the continuous value creation.

In this context, and through UNISON, services and solutions will be offered, such as Facility Management, which now captures the overall management of facilities. The range of facilities / customers currently served by UNISON offers substantial opportunities for M Energy’s cross selling products and services, as well as for synergies with the broader MYTILINEOS activities, including the operation and management of critical facilities (e.g. building PPPs), road lighting projects, equipment maintenance (Operation & Maintenance Services) etc.

Common drivers across the entire range of products and services are technology and addressing the full spectrum of the needs and requirements of modern consumers either at home or in the business.

The integration of UNISON activities in MYTILINEOS in the M Energy Customer Solutions sector will be gradual, with respect to the history and the recognized executives of both companies.

The total consideration for the transaction amounts to EUR 26 million, of which EUR 10 million will be paid in MYTILINEOS shares. These shares will come from the treasury shares of MYTILINEOS. UNISON recorded a turnover of €76.8 million and EBITDA of €5.3 million for the fiscal year 2022.

The Transaction is subject to the necessary approvals by the Competition Commission and other authorities.

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