11 JUL 2022

MYTILINEOS “Engineers in Action”- The application period for the 6th cycle of the program is open

Athens, Greece - 11 July 2022 - “Engineers in action”, the successful graduate program held by MYTILINEOS, runs its 6th cycle. Young graduates of faculties of Engineering are invited to submit their application from today until the 24th of July, to participate and work in one of the leading companies in Greece.

The “Engineers in Action” program is of one-year duration and offers hands-on experience, and training in actual projects and working conditions. The engineers, are employed in the Company's Business Units (Metallurgy, Power & Gas, Sustainable Engineering Solutions and Renewables & Storage Development), as well as in the Central Functions of MYTILINEOS

Since its launch in 2014 , 109 young “Engineers in Action” have participated in the program. The Company's goal remains to make the program a benchmark for graduates of faculties of Engineering starting their career.

In the 5th cycle of the program which started in November 2021 and is currently under way, 48 engineers joined MYTILINEOS - the largest number of engineers to participate in one single cycle of the program to date.

Linking education to the labor market is a complex process, particularly at present where there is   shortage of skilled employees, despite the numerous opportunities emerging by the recovery of the Greek economy. One of the factors leading to this result is the non-matching of candidates’ skills and competencies with the needs of modern entrepreneurship and, secondly, the brain drain.

In this context, the "Engineers in Action" program is intended to satisfy this need, showcasing the importance of graduate programs. MYTILINEOS’ General Manager of Human Resources, Sara Fideli, on the occasion of the launch of the 6th cycle, mentioned the following: "We are particularly proud to see the institution of apprenticeships reviving in real working conditions. The work experience gained by the participants focuses on developing both their hard and soft skills and the high  absorption of  participants into the labor market justifies our choice."

The application period for the 6th cycle of the "Engineers in Action" Program is nowopen and those who are interested in participating can submit their CVs by Sunday, July 24, 2021, on the webpage http://engineersinaction.mytilineos.gr/el

Candidates should fulfill the following criteria:

  • Graduate degree from faculties of Engineering in Greece or abroad in engineering disciplines such us Mechanical, Electrical, Chemical, Mining/Metallurgical or Civil Engineering.
  • Excellent knowledge of both Greek and English languages
  • Excellent computer skills (Windows, MS Office)
  • Work experience of less than 3 years
  • Ability to relocate in areas of Greece where MYTILINEOS has presence
  • Completed military service for male candidates
  • Postgraduate degree/MBA (desirable)

The selection process includes psycho-metric tests in electronic format, interviews with Human Resources representatives, and participation in the Assessment Center.

For MYTILINEOS professional experience and training, in-service training and skills acquisition, is very important contributing to Sustainable Development Goals (Goals 4 & 8) fixed by the UN, by 2030 for Quality Education, Decent Work and Economic Development.