24 NOV 2022

MYTILINEOS Smart Cities: The first smart city in Greece in Aspra Spitia Paralias Distomou

Athens, Greece – 24 November 2022 – Aspra Spitia Paralias Distomou were officially celebrated as Greece's first "Smart City", during a large event with guests and stakeholders, political representatives, local government officials and residents. This pilot community, inhabited for more than 50 years by the employees of the historic plant “Aluminium of Greece”, of the Company's Metallurgy Business Unit, is now an energy-self-sufficient, affordable and why not …  ‘smart’ city, powered by MYTILINEOS!

But what defines a "smart" city? It is a city that lives and breathes through its people, while giving priority to technological upgrading. The new MYTILINEOS Smart Cities platform envisages an energetic community with additional digital innovations aimed at improving living standards, enhancing performance, optimizing the use of resources and actively engaging citizens.

MYTILINEOS Smart Cities platform was presented on Wednesday 23 November at the new upgraded Aspra Spitia by the Company's Chairman & CEO, Evangelos Mytilineos: "Our vision is not simply to make our cities smarter but also to render them friendlier, ‘greener’ and sustainable. At the same time, we hope to improve the daily lives of citizens and residents easier, at a crucial time for our societies," he said.

The Smart Cities platform will include – inter alia – the following services and applications:

The services and applications for households will include:

  • ‘Smart’ and ‘green’ devices such as digital energy and water meters, inverter, photovoltaic panels, batteries
  • Electric vehicle (EV) fast charging stations
  • Possibility for residents to produce and control consumption (prosumers)

As stressed by Yiannis Kalafatas, General Manager of Financial Services, ‘with the use of digital technologies, existing structures and facilities will be upgraded, offering effective interaction with citizens, in a way that is secure and reliable. At the same time, use of resources will be optimized, and both direct and indirect emissions of carbon dioxide will be minimized.”

MYTILINEOS’ Smart Cities platform is being developed as part of the Company’s transformation into an energy utility,provider that offers not only one-dimensional services, but a range of applications and services which will define the energy services of the future. Closing the event, Vivian Bouzali, General Manager of Communications & Strategic Marketing described the platform as a "new world with endless possibilities, from digitization to artificial intelligence, always respecting individuality and the rights of each citizen, with innovative new tools and services’’. MYTILINEOS, with its distinctive hallmark of quality, leads the way of the energy transition towards a friendlier and ‘greener’ reality, creating the society of the future, in the service of the modern-day citizen.

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