04 NOV 2022

#Greenmakers - A program for the development of ‘Green’ skills linked to the labor market

Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development Initiatives

Athens, Greece – 4 November 2022 - Development of the green economy creates new and specialized jobs. It also requires immediate adaptation of the existing workforce through fitted training programs that focus on upskilling and reskilling.

According to data, millions of people will be employed on this new model, with an emphasis on green and sustainable practices. Greece has the opportunity to record the 4th highest rate of employment growth in the EU by implementing the Paris Climate Agreement (Eurofound, 2019).

The creation of "green jobs" can help reduce unemployment and social exclusion, both in urban and semi-urban areas. Understanding this need, MYTILINEOS establishes a partnership with knowl social enterprise for education & lifelong learning and implements the #GreenMakers Program, providing free training to 100 people living in the regions of Central Greece and Thessaly, with the aim of claiming Green Economy jobs. Program beneficiaries will receive free quality training - by professionals and scientific advisors - related to green technologies, environmental legislation, environmental issues, sustainable professional practices, etc; their CVs will be upgraded and linked to the labor market. 

The Skills and Employability Accelerator of the Social Enterprise knowl is a platform ensuring and implementing a holistic and individualized training program, ‘built’ on each participant's strengths and is embedded in MYTILINEOS Responsible Entrepreneurship actions put in place to support the Global Sustainable Development Goals for Zero Poverty (1), Decent Work & Economic Growth (8).

The submission of APPLICATIONS has started

Interested parties are invited to apply by …………  (priority will be respected). The application is available online HERE.

Details and conditions for participation can be found here.


For more information, please contact:

Social enterprise knowl:

Ms. Matina Vasilopoulou, Senior Manager for Accessibility & Employability Programs                                  Tel: 2108312868, E-mail: info@knowl.gr.


Ms. Polytimi Boudali, Sustainable Development Division, Tel. 210-6877301,                                                E-mail: sustainability@mytilineos.gr.

Ms. Antigoni Fakou, MYTILINEOS Press Office, Tel. 210-6877346, Fax 210-6877400,                                   E-mail: Antigoni.Fakou@mytilineos.gr.

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