24 AUG 2022

High-level Distinctions for MYTILINEOS initiatives

MYTILINEOS manages to stand out steadily every year for its Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development Initiatives, proving the high level of its actions and the immediate impact thereof on local communities in practice.

For one more year, the Company stood out in two prestigious institutions, continuing the successful series of awards at the highest level.

In particular, on 22 and 23 June , MYTILINEOS received a double awarded in Bravo Sustainability Awards 2022 for the following actions, through the evaluation process by the Committees and the public voting by the general public:

  • Distinction regarding the initiative entitled ’’Climate Change & Energy Transition’’ in the thematic unit ‘Coping with Climate Change - Emissions of Gaseous Pollutants’ in the ENVIRONMENT pillar.
  • A distinction regarding the initiative entitled ’’#mellonabilities Program’’ in the thematic unit ‘Education - Young Generation - Lifelong Learning’ in the pillar SOCIETY.

On 13 July, MYTILINEOS received the following three awards in the context of the institution Hellenic Responsible Business Awards 2022:

  • GOLD Award: #Mellonabilities Program, in the category ‘Fewer Inequalities’.
  • SILVER Award: New gas-fired, electric power generation plant of combined cycle (CCGT) in the Long-term Investment Category (local/regional or national).
  • BRONZE Award: Sustainable Development Report 2020 in the category Corporate Sustainability Report.

The recognition of MYTILINEOS Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development initiatives is a confirmation of the Company's long-term value-creation strategy for all Social Partners, contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals and their respective national priorities.

You can visit the Sustainability Actions Map to see how the Company's Sustainable Development vision is put into practice.

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