25 MAY 2023

MYTILINEOS supports FemStem a professional skills development program for women in STEM

Athens, Greece – 25 May 2023 – Women scientists are already leading the way in pioneering research around the world, but despite their significant discoveries, they still represent only 33.3%[1] of researchers worldwide and their work rarely gains the recognition it deserves. Less than 4% of the Nobel Prizes in Science have been awarded to women, while in Europe of inclusion and diversity, only 11%1 of the senior research roles are held by women.

In Greece, where the representation rates of women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) are even lower, the gender equality and fair representation gap in the technological workforce is a clear limitation of innovation, growth, and future prosperity, at a critical conjuncture for businesses, society and the environment.

MYTILINEOS Energy&Metals, in collaboration with the social enterprise Knowl, supports exclusively through the FemStem program, 30 women from all over the country, who seek to work in the field of science, utilizing the award-winning methodology of the Accelerator of Skills and Employability #mellon. Each benefited woman will receive at least 30 hours of work and business counseling, with skills training, mentoring, scientific empowerment tools and interconnection with market executives.

Gender equality is not only a fundamental human right but also a necessary condition for a sustainable world. For this reason, MYTILINEOS, through its participation in the FemStem program, contributes to the UN Sustainable Development Goals and in particular to Global Sustainable Development Goal 5 which promotes full and equal access of women to science.

The main objectives of the FemStem program are to exploit capabilities and talents, accelerate the pace of change in attitudes and - through better professional and economic opportunities - improve the lives of individuals and communities. Attracting and retaining women in STEM offers maximization of innovation, creativity and healthy competition resulting in the creation of new technology products, services, and solutions.

The 15th Accelerator of Skills and Employability of the Social Enterprise knowl constitutes a holistic and individualized training program, ‘built’ on each participant's strengths; it is offered for free as it is embedded in MYTILINEOS Corporate Social Responsibility actions put in place to support the Global Sustainable Development Goals for Zero Poverty (1), Decent Work & Economic Growth (8) and Reduction of Inequality (10).


The submission of APPLICATIONS is open

Interested parties are invited to apply by Monday 5th of June 2023 (priority will be respected). The application is available online HERE.


[1] UNESCO, uis.unesco.org/women-in-science

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