16 SEP 2022

MYTILINEOS supports "The Tipping Point" organization and the experiential learning program in schools in Greece and Greek schools abroad

MYTILINEOS and the organization "The Tipping Point" have been working together for 3 years in the context of the implementation of the experiential educational program "The Tipping Point", giving the opportunity to students from public schools in Greece and abroad to learn more about their studies or the profession they want to pursue, so that they are properly prepared for the important academic and professional decisions they will be called upon to make.

From 2019 to today - since MYTILINEOS has consistently supported the Organization - a total of 85 schools with 8,380 high school and high school students and 173 teachers, from 63 regions in Greece and abroad, have actively participated in the Program. With the active participation of 350 mentors from different disciplines and specialties, 731 online live sessions were implemented, covering topics chosen by the students, such as: digital & horizontal skills, innovation, research, psychology, modern labor market, entrepreneurship and many others.

In the context of these sessions, almost 3,000 student questions emerged and were answered through more than 450 hours of discussions with mentors. Thus, the students came into contact with the goals, needs, concerns, motivations and knowledge that will serve as important resources for their future.

The experiential change of a student, a class, a school and a society goes through actions and programs like those of "The Tipping Point" Organization, which MYTILINEOS has been proudly supporting for 3 years.

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