Requirements & Selection process

The program is intended for recent engineering graduates with a maximum of 3 years’ work experience. In addition we want you to have:

  • Strong academic background in engineering* (Mechanical, Electrical, Civil, Chemical, Informational Technology or related fields)
  • The ability to relocate in areas of Greece or Abroad where the Company has presence: Athens, Thessaloniki, Agios Nikolaos Viotia (industrial complex of Aluminium of Greece)
  • Completed military service, for male candidates
  • Excellent Greek and English language skills
  • Behaviors based on Metlen’s values!
    • People & Personal Growth 
    • Results orientation & Safety excellence
    • Collaboration & Trust
    • Empathy & Effective communication
    • Flexibility & Adaptability

* Engineering graduates from international universities must ensure that their degrees have been officially recognized by Hellenic National Academic Recognition and Information Center (DOATAP)

Selection process:

STEP 1:Fill in the application form no later than the 9th of October 2023, in order to become an Engineer in Action.

STEP 2: Online Assessment: Show your skills, knowledge and abilities using a digital platform.

STEP 3:Onsite Assessment Center: Demonstrate your potential through practical challenges and teamwork exercises.

STEP 4: Panel Interviews: Engage with our experts, showcasing your passion for engineering and your desire to be a part of our transformation journey.

STEP 5: Offer: Competitive remuneration to the rest of the market.

Congratulations! If you have successfully passed our challenging and competitive selection process, you will become one of our Engineers in Action and with great pleasure we will welcome you to Metlen in January 2024.

We respect your personal data. All personal information in your application and CV will remain strictly confidential.

We want to create an inclusive experience that respects each candidate, regardless of their background, experience, or personality. 

Take the first step towards an extraordinary engineering career in the energy sector. Apply now to the "Engineers in Action" Graduate Program and become a catalyst for positive change with Metlen!