The Program

During the first 12-months of the "Engineers in Action" Graduate Program, each engineer will gain invaluable first-hand experience by participating in exciting projects from MYTILINEOS’ Business Units and Central Functions:

  • Metallurgy Sector
    • Aluminium of Greece: Join our thriving aluminium plant, a pillar of Greek industry, and experience firsthand its annual production capacity exceeding 190,000 tons of Value Added Primary Aluminium Products (VAPs), 50.000MT recycled Aluminium and 865,000 tons of alumina.
  • Energy Sector
    • Μ Renewables: Contribute to groundbreaking solar energy and energy storage projects, shaping clean and sustainable solutions. Explore our international RES portfolio with projects totaling over 13 GW.
    • M Power Projects: Participate in specialized, large-scale energy projects driving the energy transition. From conventional electricity generation to smart cities and IoT platforms, be part of projects that shape the future.
    • Μ Εnergy Generation & Management: You will be involved in various projects related to thermal unit power production management and operation.
    • M Energy Customer Solutions: Play a crucial role in providing dependable solutions, competitive products, and cutting-edge services to businesses, professionals, and households.
    • M Integrated Supply & Trading: Enter the Energy Sector and engage in competitive supply and management of natural gas and other energy products.
  • METKA ATE: Engage in construction activities, infrastructure & waste management projects, and more.
  • Central Functions
    • Technology Division: Your role would be to design, develop, and implement technological solutions to address various challenges and improve the organization's operations.

Our customized learning offerings and mentorship from seasoned professionals will nurture your growth and development.

Final Placement

Upon completion of the Talent Graduate program, we aim to match your exceptional performance, character, and aspirations with specific roles within our organization, setting the stage for a rewarding and impactful career journey.

At MYTILINEOS, we don't just provide a program; we create an inspiring and transformative experience that elevates careers and shapes destinies. The future is the only path that leads forward, and together, we'll ignite a brighter and greener tomorrow.

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