The Program’s Value

The program Engineers in Action was launched as one of Metlen Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives with an international scope and has since evolved into a Graduate Program that naturally feeds into the company’s talent pool.

Metlen emphasizes on professional experience and training, internships and skill acquisition, contributing to Sustainable Development Goals (Goals 4 & 8) set by the UN, for 2030, for Quality Education, Decent Work & Economic growth.

The program Engineers in Action was established in February 2014 and since then 6 cycles have been implemented, while the sixth cycle is underway and will be completed in November 2023.

The six program cycles that have been completed so far, were extremely successful as all participating engineers found employment in less than three months, while a large percentage of them joined Metlen, in various roles and departments. In fact, 82% of the engineers that took part in the last completed program are now employed by Metlen Business Units and Central Functions, while the remaining participants were able to leverage their experience for successful career placement.

For the young Engineers who participated in the six cycles of the program, the most important changes were the following, as indicated by engineers themselves:

  • finding work after completing the program,
  • gaining hands-on experience that complements their academic knowledge,
  • improving their professional skills,
  • gaining international exposure and experience in cutting-edge Technologies,
  • enhancing their confidence and optimism for the future.