Material topics

Materiality Analysis

A key criterion that MYTILINEOS uses for the disclosure of ESG information, is the identification of topics that are relevant to its capacity to create value and that are of material significance to the organization itself, to its Stakeholders and, more broadly, to Sustainable Development.

The Materiality process is a key tool for the responsible operation of MYTILINEOS and contributes to the enrichment and formulation of its Sustainable Development strategy. It is a dynamic practice that is constantly evolving. The internal evaluation and prioritization of the material ESG topics is conducted both at a central and at a Business Unit level. In parallel, the Company, through an open dialogue with its social partners, feeds this process with new data annually. The evaluation cycle of the material topics is implemented every 2 years with a mid-term review.

During the 2021 materiality process, the Company proceeded with the identification of potential material Sustainability topics based on the internal and external sources, putting special emphasis on the topics proposed by the SASB (Sustainability Accounting Standards Board) standard for each of the MYTILINEOS Business Units. Subsequently, the topics were prioritized by the 4 Business Units in terms of the extent to which they affect the Company's ability to meet its business objectives, as well as in terms of their impact on sustainable development. The findings of this internal exercise were combined with the corresponding findings of the relevant field survey conducted on more than 1,500 individuals, institutions, and organizations from all MYTILINEOS Stakeholder groups. In addition, through the alignment of the material topics with the Global Sustainable Development Goals, the Company strengthens its ability to effectively manage them in accordance with international best practices.


Detailed presentation of the stages of the process for determining the Material Non-Financial Issues for the year 2022:

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