Our Strategy

Sustainable Development is the driving force through which MYTILINEOS aspires to remain competitive in the long term, to meet contemporary challenges and, by developing appropriate partnerships, to contribute to a new and efficient model of socially inclusive growth, as this is reflected in the Sustainable Development Goals.

For this reason, the MYTILINEOS's Sustainability strategy is based on three key pillars: Climate Change, ESG Approach and Corporate Responsibility.

Climate Change

The first level focuses on the MYTILINEOS's commitment to tackling climate change and on its contribution to a low-emissions economy. In this context, the Company has developed a strategy to address climate change, which serves to guide its initiatives to reduce carbon dioxide emissions as defined by the Kyoto Protocol, the Paris Agreement on Climate Change (COP21) and the corresponding National Plan of Greece, which sets out its contribution to the European Green Deal (EU Green Deal). MYTILINEOS becomes the first Greek industry to set specific, measurable, and ambitious CO2 emission reduction targets for 2030 and 2050, thus making the reduction of its carbon footprint a priority of its new Sustainable Development Strategy.

Moreover, the new Business Units created by the Company, which are oriented towards the dynamic development of sustainable development projects internationally, are expected to play, over the crucial decade ahead, an important role in the energy transition and in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions globally, giving MYTILINEOS the opportunity to scale up its positive impact and become one of the leading companies in the global market in this area.

ESG Approach

The second level highlights MYTILINEOS’ systematic approach to the recording, optimal management and disclosure of information about the ESG risks and opportunities that affect its performance, as well as about its efforts to implement its strategy. Through the ESG approach, MYTILINEOS strengthens its ability to create long-term value and manage significant changes in the environment in which it operates. In this way, it responds to the modern-day sustainability requirements of investors, capital markets and financial institutions, as well as to society's expectations of commitment and transparency regarding these issues, whose number keeps increasing.

Corporate Responsibility

The third level expresses the responsible operation of MYTILINEOS, which has been systematically cultivated over the last 12 years through the implementation of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and the Company's commitment to the 10 Principles of the UN Global Compact. For MYTILINEOS, CSR is an ongoing self-improvement and incessant learning process, while also serves as a key mechanism for renewing its “social license to operate” and, at the same time, improves its competitiveness at national and international level.

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