Sustainable development challenges

Employment is considered an extremely important topic for MYTILINEOS, due to the high localization and large number of employees. Creating opportunities for long-term employment of employees also contributes to the viability of the local communities in which the Company operates. Focusing on issues such as: working environment, wages, benefits, working time, rest periods, leaves of absence, disciplinary and redundancy practices, protection of motherhood, mental health, and other welfare issues is critical in order to ensure the satisfaction and retention of our employees.


Development, management, and retention of human resources, through the implementation of practices that promote an inclusive work environment, with equal opportunities and respect for Human Rights, in accordance with the key elements of the Human Rights Policy of MYTILINEOS.

Major risks

Increasing labor market competitiveness and employee turnover can lead to reduced productivity, the loss of valuable knowledge and expertise gained through their employment, as well as the loss of the financial investment and of the time required for their training. The Company may also incur increased costs due to turnover and the need to replace qualified personnel

Management/ control practices

Key elements of the Company’s approach to Employment:

  • Attraction and retention of competent employees, continuous improvement of employer-employee relations and implementation of modern systems for employee performance evaluation.
  • Establishment of an attractive remuneration and benefit framework according to market data and specialized surveys for critical areas of the Company’s activity.
  • Promotion of the Code of Business Conduct to all personnel and ensuring employee awareness, and avoidance of direct or indirect discrimination in all work practices.
  • Recognition of the importance of healthy and safe employment for all personnel and business partners with emphasis on mental health.
  • Focus on offering local opportunities, giving priority to the recruitment of employees from the Company’s local communities, and bolstering local employment at domestic and international level based on the Company’s activities.
  • Ensuring the flow of information and the timely communication of organizational changes, through the appropriate communication channels.
  • Protection of the personal data of employees, allowing their use only by authorized persons and only in cases where this is required by the law for purposes related to the functioning of industrial relations and to the Company’s business activity.
  • Ensuring through the individual Labor Regulations and the Code of Business Conduct the elimination of all arbitrary or discriminatory practices in terminating employment relationships with employees.
  • In 2021, the Performance Management Program was redesigned so as to be unified and inextricably linked to the corporate goals as well as to the corporate results. The Program will be implemented gradually, starting from the top and senior management.

International reference standards

  • GRI Standards
  • SASB Standards
  • UN Global Compact
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