Human Rights

Sustainable development challenges

The key challenge for the Company is the protection and respect of Human Rights, especially labor and social rights, related to its activity as well as ensuring the avoidance of any involvement in incidents of Human Rights violations which may be caused by another partner, State bodies, natural persons or other groups with which the Company cooperates in the countries where it operates.


Zero tolerance for the violation of Human Rights, according to the key elements of the Human Rights Policy of MYTILINEOS, the “Code of Business Conduct” and the “Suppliers & Business Partners Code of Conduct

Major risks

MYTILINEOS, due to its activity in developing countries abroad, primarily through the Sustainable Engineering Solutions (SES) Business Unit and the Renewables & Storage Development (RSD) Business Unit, acknowledges risks related to human rights, both within its working environment and its business and within its main suppliers and business partners. These risks (such as activities that may affect or involve children, culture of corruption, inequalities in the workplace, restriction of human rights at the local community level etc.) may affect the Company’s financial, human and social capital, through their potential impact on its reputation and its “social license to operate”, and may lead to legal sanctions as well as to emergency measures beyond those imposed by normal business conditions.

Management / Control practices

  • MYTILINEOS is committed to the first 6 Principles of the UN Global Compact, which are based on, among others, the internationally recognized principles on the protection of Human Rights, as these are defined in the Universal Declaration on Human Rights.
  • MYTILINEOS monitors the relevant labor legislation (national, European, ILO) and is fully aligned with the collective bargaining agreements and the relevant international conventions both nationally and in developing countries.
  • MYTILINEOS has developed a dedicated Human Rights Policy and in the context of the implementation of this policy conducts relevant self-assessments in all Business Units.
  • The Company has established a grievance mechanism under the responsibility of the Regulatory Compliance Division, enabling its employees to express any concerns, as well as cases of human rights violations. Moreover, the Company warrants that no action shall be taken against any employee who reports in good faith any actual or alleged inappropriate conduct.
  • Regarding its activity in developing countries, MYTILINEOS takes all necessary measures to comply with the applicable laws. Safe work management is governed by a series of actions that must be followed, to ensure that the Health & Safety system for employees is properly implemented and the appropriate measures are taken. At the same time, the contracts signed with contractors and suppliers include an explicit provision about the Company’s Code of Conduct, to safeguard the respect of Human Rights and to prevent conditions of corruption and bribery.
  • The Company conducts training of Executives also on Human Rights focusing on the respect for the freedom of association, the elimination of all forms of forced or compulsory labor, the identification and elimination of child labor, and the elimination of any discrimination related to the workplace and to employment.

International reference frameworks

  • GRI Standards
  • SASB Standards
  • UN Global Compact
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