Sustainability of local communities

Sustainable development challenges

The creation of safe and sustainable local communities and cities without exclusions, with the development of local employment and economy, with the fight against poverty, the strengthening of social inclusion, the education and development of the new generation’s professional skills, the upgrading of local infrastructure, support for vulnerable social groups such as women and children, as well as the protection and preservation of cultural and natural heritage.


The consistent implementation of its social policy with actions and initiatives that enhance the coexistence of MYTILINEOS with its local communities and the wider society. Respect for the rights of citizens of local communities adjacent to the Company's industrial units, according to the main axes of the MYTILINEOS Human Rights Policy and the Corporate Social Responsibility Policy.

Major risks

The Company’s failure to promptly identify and manage the changing social, economic and cultural characteristics of its local communities may negate the existing assumption that the Company is fully integrated in these communities and has common interests with them. This may affect the preservation of the Company’s “social license to operate”, and may possibly restrict its future growth.

Management / Control practices

  • The contribution of the Company to the sustainability of its local communities, to the extent that MYTILINEOS can contribute, is carried out across three main axes: a) bolstering local employment, recognizing the role of the Company in the development and preservation of the prosperity of local communities in which it operates, b) supporting local economic growth, selecting domestic and consequently local suppliers as a priority, and c) making a substantial social contribution through the annual Social Investment Program by implementing selected actions in areas directly related to the main social needs highlighted by the pandemic and linked to the respective Global Sustainable Development Goals.
  • The General Management of each Business Unit of MYTILINEOS is responsible for managing relationships with the local communities where each Business Unit operates, while Sustainability/ESG teams have been established that manage the implementation of the social policy.
  • MYTILINEOS has been consistently holding its established Open Social Dialogue events with its Stakeholder groups at local community level for the last 12 years. The Company is one of Greece’s pioneers in this field, as this approach has created the conditions for defining new attitudes and practices in its relationships with the various social groups, taking into account the specific features of each Business Unit.
  • The initiatives implemented by the Company on a local level, and particularly those related to the strengthening of local infrastructure, are linked to the needs of each community and of the wider region, and are shaped through open dialogue with the local social partners. The Company communicates with its local communities in a clear and transparent way, opting for an “open door” policy, applied primarily in the areas where the Company's industrial plants are located.
  • At the same time, strengthening the constructive relationship it has established with social bodies over the years, MYTILINEOS implements a system of management and evaluation of social requests, which enhances the transparency and ensures the sustainability of its social investments.

International reference frameworks

  • GRI Standards
  • ΑΑ 1000 SES
  • SASB Standards
  • UN Global Compact
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