Sustainable Development commitments

MYTILINEOS voluntarily participates, cooperates, and supports the following Corporate Social Responsibility / Sustainable Development initiatives.

Since 2008, MYTILINEOS has consistently declared its commitment to the ten principles of the UN Global Compact by disclosing its performance on an annual basis.
Since 2019, MYTILINEOS has participated in the international Aluminium Stewardship Initiative (ASI), as a member of Production & Manufacturing.
The Metallurgy Business Unit (Aluminium of Greece and Delphi Distomon) was certified within 2022 by the ASI Initiative for all its activities according to the Chain of Custody Standard.
The Metallurgy Business Unit has received in October 2021 an ASI Performance Standard for the project execution standard in all its facilities.
As a founding member of the Council of the Greek Federation of Enterprises (SEV) since 2008, MYTILINEOS is fully committed to the relevant Code of Principles and actively participates in its initiatives to promote and disseminate the principles of Sustainable Development.
Since 2006, MYTILINEOS has been a principal member of the CSR HELLAS Network, actively participating in and supporting its various initiatives for the promotion and dissemination of CSR principles and practices.
Since 2010, MYTILINEOS has been a member of the "Hellenic Association of Independent Power Producers", an initiative whose main objective is the promotion and management of issues related to the generation and distribution of reliable, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly electricity, as well as the deregulation of the market for all energy raw materials.
MYTILINEOS participates in European Aluminium, an initiative that focuses on the role of aluminium (essential for the production of renewable energy plants, electricity cables, electric vehicles, hydrogen electrolysis and so on).
MYTILINEOS participates in the Hydrogen Europe initiative, the aim of which is to harness hydrogen, which plays an important role in decarbonizing the economy, especially in terms of the decarbonisation of heavy industry.
Since 2016, MYTILINEOS has been supporting the achievement of the Global Sustainable Development Goals (2030 Agenda), contributing to the respective national priorities.
Since 2012, MYTILINEOS has taken into account the Principles of the International Standard of Corporate Social Responsibility in its operation, disclosing its progress and performance on an annual basis.
Disclosure Table ISO 26000
MYTILINEOS has been an ambassador of the Greek Sustainability Code since 2015, having actively contributed to its development, either by submitting its views and initiatives through the open consultation process in the context of the relevant dialogue or by participating in the relevant working groups.
Table of Contents of the Greek Sustainability Code
Through SEV, MYTILINEOS is part of the Business Europe initiative, which aims to promote growth and competitiveness at European level and to support European companies on the issues that most affect their performance.
In 2022, MYTILINEOS’ President and CEO Evangelos Mytilineos was elected President of the Pan-European Association Eurometaux, which represents the non-ferrous metals industry at European level, including mining, metallurgy, processing and recycling of base metals, precious metals and secondary metals.
MYTILINEOS participates in COGEN Europe, an initiative that aims at cogeneration, i.e. the production of low-carbon electricity and heat in the most efficient and sustainable way.
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