Energy Sector

MYTILINEOS is the largest private company active in the entire spectrum of energy, from the development, construction and operation of thermal units and RES projects to the design and construction of electricity infrastructure projects, retail supply of electricity and natural gas, supply and trading of natural gas, provision of competitive energy products and services and so on.

Through Protergia, MYTILINEOS supplies electricity and natural gas in the retail market, with the aim of offering reliable solutions, competitive products and modern services to businesses, professionals and households. The company’s service portfolio incorporates energy efficiency, smart solutions, facility management, Internet of Things / digital services, etc., always fulfilling the needs of its customers.

Today the company is the largest independent producer and supplier of electricity in Greece. While investing in state-of-the-art production units, MYTILINEOS has deep-rooted knowledge of the electricity market combined with a continuously improving environmental footprint and contributing to the Greek economy and employment.

With an energy portfolio of more than 2 GW - which exceeds 13.5% of Greece’s active and licensed installed thermal output – MYTILINEOS possesses strong Energy Management capabilities that include not only the management and operation of thermal unit power production, but also market bidding & non-physical power trading, energy generated by the company’s own assets (thermal and RES) as well as 3rd parties PPAs, RES and HCHP Aggregators management and the creation of green VBL products.

The company's activity in the Energy Sector is elevated by competitive supply and management of natural gas and other energy products, customer facing and innovative product and service offering for large B2B corporate clients in Greece and abroad.

MYTILINEOS is a global manufacturer and contractor of solar energy and energy storage projects, providing reliable solutions across the project development spectrum, from standalone projects to complex hybrid systems. With strong know-how, international operations and unparalleled responsiveness, MYTILINEOS designs and implements high-quality projects for its clients, resulting in a growing portfolio of 8.5 GW in RES projects (all technologies) and storage in Greece and abroad.

In addition, MYTILINEOS is a leading international contractor in the construction of specialized, large-scale turnkey energy projects, undertaking the full range of services required for successful implementation, whether it is conventional electricity generation projects, energy transition projects (e.g. distribution networks, hydrogen etc), or electricity saving projects, digital transition, smart cities & IoT platforms.

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