The future comes closer with the new MYTILINEOS Smart Cities platform

The vision of a more sustainable future requires bold steps and a ‘green’ footprint that only "smart" cities can offer. MYTILINEOS turns into reality the energy transition into a more friendly and ‘greener’ world, centered around modern citizens and the city of the future. A city that is "smart" and sustainable, that lives and breathes through its people, being technologically upgraded and interacting at all levels.

MYTILINEOS created a new platform for ‘smart’ cities, the “Smart Cities” platform. Through innovative services, applications, innovative tools and products addressed to cities, communities, settlements and even large organizations seeking to create sustainable, "smart" societies, the aim is to create an easier and sustainable day-to-day life for citizens and residents.

The use of artificial intelligence and cutting-edge technologies creates sustainable and 'smart' societies with unlimited potential for the benefit of citizens. Cities with friendly services that provide easy solutions, interact at all levels, offer opportunities, reduce costs, respect the environment, but above all remain humane and sustainable.

A very ambitious and pioneering project that comes to life with the distinctive hallmark of MYTILINEOS quality, for the first time with the cooperation of almost all Business Units: Metallurgy, Electric Power & Natural Gas, Sustainable Development Projects.

What is a "smart" city


Aspra Spitia, Distomo Beach


MYTILINEOS | Smart Cities platform presentation