Participation in “HORIZON 2020”

Metlen through Protergia, actively participates in two research projects, funded by the European Commission through “HORIZON 2020” Program. Both projects concern the development of an innovative suite of software applications and solutions designed to introduce the concepts of # EnergyEfficiency and #DemandResponse to end users.



The “UtilitEE” project, which is expected to be implemented within the next three years, will provide a Behavioural Change Framework, oriented to the end user, via an open Information and Communications Technology (ICT) ecosystem. The “UtilitEE” project focuses on discovering, quantifying and revealing energy-consuming activities, while sending meaningful feedback to the end user, in order to engage them into a continuous process of learning and improving their energy behavior. Furthermore, it will incorporate human-centric intelligent control features that use occupants’ every day habits, to minimize energy waste and keeping occupants comfortable while preserving a healthy indoor environment.


The “HOLISDER” project, will introduce a Holistic Demand Response Optimization Framework that aims to significant energy costs reduction for the end user. “HOLISDER” combines a wide range of state of the art technologies, and integrates them into an accessible and interoperable framework, which constitutes of a suite of tools, to ensure the end user’s empowerment into an “active market” player, through the deployment of a variety of implicit and hybrid Demand Response schemes.