New IPP-II power plant at Agios Nikolaos energy complex

The new combined cycle gas fueled power plant (CCGT), an investment of 300 million euros, has entered the final stretch for its completion, which is expected by the end of 2021. The plant is the largest, most efficient and modern in Greece and one of the largest power stations in Europe. With the addition of the new plant, which when put into service will deliver 826MW to the grid, with 63% thermal efficiency, MYTILINEOS' total electricity generation will exceed 2,000 MW, not including production from Renewable Energy Sources.

With this investment, MYTILINEOS becomes the first private company that contributes to the national energy system, through its state-of-the-art plant in view of the country’s energy transition.  At the same time, the completion of the investment will generate significant economic value locally, by  creating new jobs and synergies while supports MYTILINEOS commitment for minimizing its environmental footprint in its operation as a whole. 

MYTILINEOS fully supports the national strategy to reduce greenhouse emissions. Natural gas emits less greenhouse gases than any other conventional fuel, while a CCGT plant is estimated to emit less than a quarter of that of a thermal lignite powered unit.

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