Our Customers

ΜNG Trading has a significant portfolio that ensures continuous and uninterrupted supply of natural gas to business customers.

The Company creates its supply portfolio in the National Natural Gas Transmission System on the basis of short-term liquefied natural gas (LNG) contracts in combination with short-term and long-term pipeline gas contracts.

The business portfolio of ΜNG Trading consists of business and industrial customers, mainly power plants as well as larger and smaller industries in the following key sectors of the Greek economy: aluminum processing, food and dairy industry, lubricants and abrasives, fabric processing, plastics and resins, furniture and paper, soap, building materials and other packaging material industries.

ΜNG Trading has developed an extensive network of suppliers with whom it has an MSA (Master of Agreement) and is in constant collaboration with them to ensure optimal procurement costs.

Continuous and regular import of LNG loads adds a significant competitive cost advantage to the Company's supply portfolio.

For ΜNG Trading, security of supply is the most important parameter of its business activity, which is ensured daily through the optimal management of its portfolio which ensures the uninterrupted supply of natural gas to its business customers. 

The Company’s business customers are located throughout Greece, at interconnected industrial areas and transmission system exit points such as Inofyta, Kilkis, Volos, Katerini, Thessaloniki, Lamia, Athens, Spata, Drama, Xanthi, Thriasio and Serres.

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