Uses and Benefits of Natural Gas

Natural gas in principally used:  

  1. as a primary source for the generation of electricity

  2. raw material for the chemical industry 

Natural gas can be used both in industry, by professionals and power plants, and at home.

More specifically, natural gas is used as a fuel for the generation of electricity. It is used for household purposes (cooking, heating), as a vehicle fuel (ecological vehicles) as well as in certain industrial production processes (glass, fabric, steel, plastics, coloring production). It is also used in the production of hydrogen. Domestic use mainly involves central or autonomous heating, hot water, cooking and air conditioning.

The flow of natural gas is continuous and natural gas is the most conventional fuel for the environment and in humans. 

Natural gas combustion produces fewer negative environmental impacts than those caused by other conventional household and industrial fuels. It contributes to the protection of the environment, to which we are committed as a country on a global level. 

The high thermal efficiency of natural gas contributes significantly to the reduction of energy costs. The use of natural gas in industry increases energy efficiency and reduces operating costs while improving product quality and reducing environmental pollution.

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