About Aluminium

MYTILINEOS represents the impressive development of the metallurgical industry in Greece and the know-how in industrial and commercial practices, available only to the leading metallurgical industries in the world. The development and strengthening of the competitiveness of the Metallurgy Business Unit is a strategically important goal and field of continuous development.

Having completed one largest private-sector investments ever to be carried out in Greece, energy, industrial and environmental in Agios Nikolaos, Viotia, where the industrial complex of Aluminium of Greece is located, MYTILINEOS has been established as a leader in the Metallurgy sector in the European Union. MYTILINEOS aluminium plant remains one of the strongest pillars of Greek industry, with an annual production capacity that exceeds 190,000 tons of aluminium and 860,000 tons of alumina. The company’s products are certified in accordance with the ISO 9001:2008 International Standard. In addition, its chemical laboratory is accredited by the Hellenic Accreditation System S.A. (ESYD) in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 17025:2005 International Standard, for the chemical analysis of bauxites, of alumina and of aluminium and its alloys.

About Aluminium

Because of its unique characteristics, aluminium is widely used in transportation1, in buildings2, in telecommunications, in packaging3, even in furniture and house products. Its low weight, strong resilience to corrosion, versatility and low toxicity in addition to the fact that aluminium is ductile, energy-efficient and it can be recycled many times without losing its properties, makes aluminium attractive in our everyday life since it offers unlimited opportunities for the design of products that are characterized by high aesthetics, high functionality, while at the same time are environmental friendly4 and sustainable5.

1 From shipbuilding and aircraft construction to trains and cars production

2 Aluminium is used as a construction material making buildings energy efficient. In addition, due to its extremely good load-bearing capacity, aluminium is ideal for implementing innovative and extreme structural designs, proposed by modern architectural standards, while exhibiting an extremely good stability.

3 Aluminium is considered to be an ideal packaging solution and is used in a wide range of packaging applications from foods and beverages to special as it allows products to be more efficiently manufactured, stored, distributed and used. In pharmaceutical and medical products’ packaging, aluminium ensures that its content is safely protected and is kept sterile.

4 Aluminium can be easily separated from other recyclable materials. It can also be sorted inexpensively and there is no limit to the number of times it can be recycled. Aluminium tins are one of the most common items that households collect for recycling.

5The use of aluminium in the automotive industry allows the industry to replace heavy materials, make vehicles lighter, and reduce their CO2 emissions.

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Aluminium Recycling

With strong commitment to the principles of sustainable development and circular economy, and aiming at eliminating its environmental footprint, MYTILINEOS innovates and sets ground for becoming a 100% green industry. By increasing aluminium recycling in its Metallurgy Business unit, the company through Aluminium of Greece and EP.AL.ME, reduces energy consumption and CO2 emissions and strengthens its leading position in the production of secondary aluminium. For MYTILINEOS the unique synergies of the Metallurgy Business Unit become our strength as we achieve in delivering aluminium products of high quality with a greener identity.

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