Enhancing skills

MYTILINEOS is constantly investing in the development of human resources.

Aluminum of Greece, actively participates in the effort to recognize the key skills that are considered important for the implementation of the goals set by the European Union in the context of Sustainable development, and contributes to the development of innovative curricula that will provide human resources with the necessary skills for industry of the future.

Read more about the research programs for Skills Development in which MYTILINEOS’ Aluminum of Greece participates here:


Enhancing the skills of East and SouthEastEurope (ESEE) University graduates and Raw Materials (RM) professionals towards the achievement of SDGs. https://rcgreece.labmet.ntua.gr/enact-sdgs-project/


Hydrometallurgy in raw materials utilization: an educational and communication programme. https://www.ntnu.edu/metpro/hydrometec


Skills alliance for industrial symbiosis –a cross-sectoral blueprint for a sustainable process industry. https://www.aspire2050.eu/sais

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