In Aluminum of Greece, pilot units are located and operating since 2010 for the application of techniques of processing raw materials and waste of production process.

The pilot units, which were built for the needs of research programs, allow the investigation of the application of techniques and technologies in small-scale industrial environments, to produce field data for further evaluation.

The operation of the MYTILINEOS pilot units is an important step for the subsequent application of processing techniques in larger industrial environments and strengthens the efforts of industry industries to reduce their environmental footprint and ensure their sustainability.

Pyrometallurgical Unit

The Pyrometallurgical Unit of Aluminum of Greece, started operating in 2011 with the aim of the industrial demonstration of bauxite residue processing techniques for the production of cast iron and stone wool. In 2020 the unit was expanded with new equipment. Today includes:

  • Rotary kiln furnace
  • Electric arc furnace
  • Slag Fiberasation
  • Slag granulation

Hydrometallurgical Unit

The Hydrometallurgical Unit started operating in 2020 with the aim of the industrial demonstration of techniques for the treatment of bauxite residues with liquid chemical reagents, for the production of scandium concentrate.

The unit includes:

  • Leaching reactor.
  • Precipitation reactors.
  • Ion exchange purification units.
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