"Aspra Spitia" Model Community

In 1963, the installation of the industrial plant of “Aluminium of Greece S.A.” away from the populated areas of the Prefecture of Viotia led to the need for the Company to create nearby a model working-class community to accommodate the families of its employees. Thus, the “Aspra Spitia” (literally, “White Houses”) settlement was created at the picturesque Antikyra Cove – a settlement built to the European standards of that era designed by renowned Greek urban planner Constantinos Doxiadis. The infrastructures planned for this innovative community ensured its self-sufficiency and provided its inhabitants an uncommon level of quality of life.

Later on, two expansions of the settlement, supervised by architects M. Fotiadis, Ch. Lembesis and P. Massouridis, developed further the configuration of the community, which currently numbers 1,072 residences and occupies a total area of 61.3 hectares.

Today, “Aspra Spitia” is a large modern village with a population of around 3,000 people, which keeps improving its infrastructures and still offers the same high standard of living to its residents. Schools, services, shops, open squares and cultural and sport facilities give to “Aspra Spitia” its character of an open, outward place where a broad range of cultural and sport activities are taking place.

“Aspra Spitia” also boasts an urban wastewater treatment plant, which was built together with the settlement and was the first ever of its kind in Greece.