Realized Investments

Specifically, significant investments have already been implemented such as:

  • New double chamber melting furnace and associated works
  • New WAGSTAFF Rapid Fill casting table for Φ178/203 pillars.
  • Upgrade of the AUBURTIN Homogenization furnace (FH5) & corresponding cooling tunnel
  • Supply of new column clamp
  • Installation of a new reverse osmosis water unit to support the new needs in the casting facility
  • Supply of ALSCAN unit (Hydrogen analyzer), from HOESCH to support the new needs in the casting facility
  • Supply of liquid metal transfer buckets & the corresponding natural gas preheaters.


Investments in Development

The ongoing investments aimed at increasing the factory's productivity focus on:

  • In the configuration of a new yard for the storage of raw materials and the construction of a new warehouse for the management of consumables
  • In the upgrade of the cutting and sorting line of raw materials with an increase in capacity and the acquisition of the ability to separate & remove Zn/Cu.
  • In the new integrated information system implemented in collaboration with the IT department. of MYTILINEOS for the modernization of management by EP.AL.ME. of PYA processes/procedures, production, maintenance, quality control, purchasing of raw materials and the commercial team of EP.AL.ME.
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