Production Process

The stages of the production process of EP.AL.ME. are: the control and processing of the raw materials, the melting of the raw materials, the refining - casting of the aluminum fluid into billets, the homogenization - cooling of the aluminum billets and the cutting and baling of the final product. The operation is vertically integrated, from the receipt of raw materials to the final product of aluminum billets.

Raw materials

  • Post Production scrap
  • Post Consumer scrap*
  • Ingots & T

*From 2022, liquid aluminum is systematically exchanged between the Aluminum of Greece (AtE) and EP.AL.ME. (originally cast by AtE / recycled by EP.AL.ME.).



In EP.AL.ME. 3 melting furnaces operate:

  • Reflex furnace with a capacity of 20mt and with the task of melting scrap aluminum both of high purity and with organic contents.
  • Double-chamber furnace with a capacity of 30mt and sending Al scrap melting with organic contents.
  • Rotary furnace with a capacity of 3 m³ and sending the processing of factory slag for Al recovery.


Refinement - Casting

In the refining and casting stage, the holding furnace alloys the metal to be cast, corrects its chemical composition if required and adjusts the final casting temperature. Next, the casting of pillars is carried out.


Homogenization - Cooling

EP.AL.ME. has 2 working homogenization furnaces (AUBURTIN & SYSTEM TECHNIK) tasked with the heat treatment of the billets to obtain the desired metallurgical properties. The final stage is the cooling of the billets.


Cutting – Baling

After cooling, the billets are cut at both ends, while they are bundled with packaging materials and moved. The cutting by-products are then recycled to the melting furnaces.


The final products are pillars with:

  • Diameter: Φ105/120/127/140/152/178/203 mm
  • Alloys: 6060 / 6063 / 6082 / 6005 & 6106
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