Port of Agios Nikolaos

MYTILINEOS’ Aluminium of Greece constitutes one of the largest vertically integrated alumina and aluminium production and trading plants with privately owned port facilities offering to the industrial complex flexibility and direct access to sea transport. The port lies among the largest ports in Greece hosting more than 430 vessels per year and exceeding 2.280.000 tonnes annually in loading and unloading of products (hydrated and anhydrous alumina, aluminium) and of raw and auxiliary materials (bauxite, coke, AlF3, caustic soda ect).

The port facilities of Aluminium of Greece comprise of the dock with a berthing capacity for vessels up to 50,000 tons, two electric self-moving rail cranes, the calcined alumina loading facility, the liquid cargo handling facilities and the necessary storage and warehousing spaces, while it also includes the necessary sea pollution prevention and/or fighting systems (communication equipment, barriers, absorbents etc.).

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