Corporate Governance Code

The Company has adopted the Principles of Corporate Governance as laid down in the applicable Greek laws and in accordance with international practice. In this context, MYTILINEOS has adopted the UK Corporate Governance Code – 2018 (THE UK CORPORATE GOVERNANCE CODE – 2018), which aligns with the new strategy of the Company, based on the highest international standards of entrepreneurship and best practices. 

Through its new, optimised corporate structure and governance, MYTILINEOS strives for closer engagement with the investors, with the ultimate aim of unlocking further value for its shareholders. Representing a set of rules, principles and controls based on which the Company is organised and managed, Corporate Governance is aimed at ensuring transparency towards the investing public while safeguarding the interests of the Company's stakeholders.


Τhis Corporate Governance Code (THE UK CORPORATE GOVERNANCE CODE – 2018) in order to ensure the transparency and responsible operation of MYTILINEOS in all areas of activity.

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